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More or less?

Heath care in the US of A

  • We need more private reform

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • We need more public reform

    Votes: 4 57.1%

  • Total voters

The Real McCoy

Thoughts? I say privatize it more and more tort reform.
We already have socialized medicine as far as emergency room care and such. Extended illness is where we cut people off and expect them to have made halfway intelligent life choices. We should (and largely have) sealed any issues about lapses in coverage between jobs and such.

Europe has socialized medicine in full. They develop nothing new and their economies crawl at a snail's pace. Last stats I saw had Germany's economic growth rate at 1.1% and dropping for years, France at 2.2% and dropping for years, and the rest of Europe dragging behind even their sorry asses.

Economic devastation is just what you have to expect when you remove all the emphasis from the cutting edge and put all your focus instead on making things suck just a little less for the people who do the very least for their own station in life. It is not surprising that so many Europeans have to fly here for advanced treatment.

Our growth rate is 5.4% (which is huge when you think about 5.4% of an economy that is already THIS huge) and growing for years. Under Bush, growth has skyrocketed-despite 9/11, Katrina, Democrats, etc.

We need minimal government involvement. Think about it. Private schools vs. Public schools. Private housing vs. Public housing. MOST EVERYTHING is done better in the private sector. If you still doubt it, take a stroll down to your local BMV. GOVERNMENT SUCKS.

We need tort reforms, major ones. We need them for doctors, drugs, and everything medicine. Example: Merck just had to shut down 5 plants and lay off 5,000 workers because our idiotic liberal laws allow people to sue drug companies for freak side effects that happened DESPITE the company following EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL GUIDELINE in making and testing their drugs.

We need to stop illegal immigration. 2 in every 3 patients who can't afford it when they go to the hospital (meaning we pay for it-thanks to idiotic Democrat laws) is an illegal immigrant. Oh wait, but they "help" our economy. :roll:
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