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More And More People Are Doing This Since News About PRISM Broke


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Oct 21, 2009
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Great idea to circumvent PRISM.
Tor looks and acts like a browser from 1999 -- the ones where you could make a cup of tea in the time it took a GIF to load.
But it's more than that (no one would put up with that level of inconvenience otherwise). Tor is a privacy protocol that can be used to browse the Internet while anonymous. The IP address linked to users by websites won't be their own; instead, Tor assigns them a random IP address that they can change at any time.
Before PRISM, the United States National Security Agency's secret information-gathering program, Tor had about 600,000 daily users. Post-PRISM, Tor's become more popular.
Tor Gets Boost From Anonymous Browsing Uptick After PRISM This is their download website https://www.torproject.org/
Yes, that does something. It would make it harder to know your IP from the remote server your are accessing. However, if they are hitting your ISP they are between yours and the TOR server it will be much less effective. For that encryption would help, but the NSA probably has the master keys if it is commercial. If they could see your data without alteration at your ISP it would not be terribly hard to know what you are doing. believe me it is not terribly hard to say all data coming from your high speed modem would also be copied to them. If it was not for the massive data grab they make which they collect everything you method would probably be problematic for them as it would be easier for them to target traffic to a suspicious server which is what you are preventing.
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