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Moody Analytics: Biden Plan Will Create 7 Million More Jobs Than Trump


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Dec 4, 2018
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Well, so much for Trump being better for job creation and money in the average person's pocket. According to a study of proposals from Biden and Trump:

Biden’s proposals would lead to 18.6 million new jobs during his first term, and the average American’s income (after taxes) would increase by $4,800. Trump’s policies would lead to an increase of 11.2 million new jobs by 2025, with minimal real income gain for average households.

But the next section is not so great (imo, I'm a fiscal con):

The main reason Biden’s plan would produce a faster recovery is that it would increase short-term deficit spending. With interest rates very low and demand depressed, an infusion of deficit spending can accelerate growth quickly.


One might think there is a tradeoff between long-term and short-term growth inherent in Biden’s plan to fire the money cannon. But the report does not support that assumption. Indeed, it estimates Biden’s plans would also yield higher long-term growth than Trump’s. Biden’s plans to spend more money on infrastructure would boost growth (more than Trump’s plan to periodically declare “Infrastructure Week” as a quasi-holiday observed by morbid jokes by Washington political operators and the media). Likewise, paid family leave, elder care, and early childhood education would also increase the productivity and size of the workforce. Trump’s restrictive immigration policies would have the opposite effect.

As a fiscal con, I don't like more government spending. But after decades of fighting a losing battle (neither Republicans or Democrats give a rat's ass about spending), realism sinks in. People vote with their pocket books, and most don't care about the government pocket book, so it appears that most Americans would benefit with the Biden plan, at least according to this analysis. I'm sure more will come.
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