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Money and Power Makes People Arrogant and Meglomaniac Mad (1 Viewer)


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Jan 22, 2019
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Money and Power Makes People Arrogant and Meglomaniac Mad


Elon Musk believes the US government has understated the 'true magnitude' of inflation​

  • Elon Musk has suggested that government figures "understate the true magnitude of inflation."
  • He spoke Wednesday on Tesla's Q1 earnings call about cost pressures on the business.
  • Musk said inflation made it tough to achieve Tesla's aim of making its vehicles more affordable.
Elon Musk believes the US government has understated the "true magnitude" of inflation.
end quote

This is the same asshole who has run away and complain to avoid paying taxes and respecting regulations and when his employees choose to support "Union's" to improve their wage, working conditions and respect as workers" he will go ballistic and threaten them any and every way he can.

People need to stop being blinded by the arrogance of people who gain wealth. he may be the richest man based on "over-valued stock ticker pricing'.... but he is not America, and his money is a small pittance of the Money this Nation spends on a daily basis to help society, to help in the international community. Fact is, Musk is not going to give any of his cult followers one sinle penny of his money, but he wants to be worship for having the claim of such level of wealth.

  • It's nothing New, in the late 1800's and Early 1900's there were men, who had that level of wealth and more... some of them are "forgotten" and others are nothing more than distant memories mentioned in History books.
  • No one today, speaks about Andrew Carnegie, J.D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, or any of those Titans of the past, If those Fortunes has lased, Ford would be among the wealthy people on the planet, but they are not, Steel would still be the backbone of America, and Standard Oil would be the Wealthiest Oil Company on the planet, but its not.

  • There was a time when Bill Gates topped the list, then Apple, Steve Jobs, then there was Google Guys, then there was Zuckerberg and the list goes on and on, and time changes all of that, and it will continue to change and re-arrange.

  • Trump lied for Decades about his wealthy, Today, everything with a Trump Name on it can be bought and torn down by any of the who claim wealth today and they'd never miss the money it cost to do buy and demolish it. It's all "Paper' based on Stock Ticker Fictional Valuation.

  • Toyota and Honda has more vehicles on the road today around the world, than Ford, Chevy, Tesla put together, and they still are not the wealthiest companies, but what they have not done is exaggerate their stock pricing based on the "fictions of the stock ticker game". There is nothing Tesla does that justifies it stock trading at $1000 !!!

  • Ferrari has been making expensive cars for more than 60+ yrs, and they don't have a stock that trades at that level, because they know it's not reality. Rolls Royce and Porsche, have very expensive car's but their Stock will never post anything with such unrealistic "stock ticker figures", beacuse they know its not reality.

People should pay attention, Netflix, got over zealous and arrogant, over built, and over invested and over borrowed, and then wanted to over charge people, and see what happen to them, and they will continue to struggle and suffer, all because they tried to be what they can't be. with is the dominant force!!! Streaming has made it possible that 100's of companies and even 100,000's of Streaming Platform exist around the globe, and more are created everyday and with the Internet, media can be streamed from any place on the planet. These companines have played, smoke and mirror games to make things look bigger than they are, and took on debt trying to project that image, and now the burden of debt has them trying to make the consumer make up for their arrogance, and people are 'canceling their subscriptions'.

It's happended over and over and over, things like Yahoo, has been sold multiple times, trying to cover the damages they suffered for excessive borrowing, one of the first internet providers who once thought they ruled the spectrum.
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  • CNN was once a real time NEWS channel, today, its most a Round Table Talk Show. with tid bits of actual news every 20 minutes, followed by 30 minuties of talk, warpped in a cycle of 'commercial advertisements".
  • FOX NEWS is not even News, its a Disinformation Spreader done as a Series of Talk Show Host, warpped in a cycle of 'commercial advertisements
  • American On Line (AOL) is a word that's hardly even heard and the new generation don't even know they exist...
  • look at the list... and not a single one of them rule to spectrum...
  • Look at others that have declines and some don't even exist now.
  • 10 Early ISP’s and What Has Become of Them

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