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Monarchy sentiment in Georgia must be supported in EU (1 Viewer)


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Jun 24, 2010
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Perhaps it may seem strange to you but there is an outbreak of monarchy sentiment in Georgia. Btw it’s common knowledge that in monarchy countries there is usually dominance of order. And here in Georgia we are sick and tired of unpredictable Saakashvili’s ‘democratic rule’. The country is on the verge of economic abyss! Monarchy gives hope for stability and wealthy life. And there do exist descendants of Solomon II, the King of Imereh. They are Merab Titanidze and his son Kakhaber (their true surname is Bagrationi). The two has been detained by the Georgian police as swindlers. Saakashvili is very good at physical eliminating of his opponents. I gather the father and son are going to be put behind the bars to later die in some sudden heart attack or sort of this….
Imo monarchy sentiment in Georgia must be supported in EU. If not, the worsening life in the country may well lead to some other trends, say some dictatorship inclinations.

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