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Mistake on US Immigration Law?



Hi all,

My name is Ralf and I was born in Germany in 1965. My Father, Uncle, Grandparents, Sister and Great Grandparents are all born and raised in the USA since generation and still living there. My Grandmother is a Native American born Cherokee.
My dad was stationed from 1964 to 1965 in Germany. He was sent to Vietnam eight weeks before I was born. My mom and my dad had a lot correspondence through letters when he was in Vietnam. After serving there for two years he left the Army in 1967 and settled in Atlanta, Georgia. He was motional ill after the Vietnam War and so he never contacted her again and I grew up without a Dad.
So at age 15 I started searching for my dad. I spent all of my money in this search. The only information I had was his name, age, Army serial number and Army rank and class.
Also, I knew where he came from. This Army serial number in the 60’s is unique like the Social Security Number. I passed along this information in countless letters to many different departments within
the United States Government. Unfortunately, I have never received any type of response which would help to clarify my particular situation in these 20 years of searching. Finally in November 2001, I found my Father after 20 years of searching by my own!
I was very happy as I found out I had a sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, nice and cousins too. One month later I visited them for the very first time. My dad was very happy finding out that I was not angry about him and he was very emotional about this.
He didn't want me to return to Germany after the four week visit.
My father had two heart attacks. He was wearing a pace maker and we didn’t know how much longer he had to live. We wanted to make the best of our time together which had been lost for 36 years, during the remaining days of his life. Now that our goals were set we contacted the U.S. Immigration Service in Atlanta, GA.
They told us if my dad is on my birth certificate I'd automatically gain American Citizenship Status and could move and take up residence in Atlanta.
We filled out very many forms at the USCIS in Atlanta and have had no resolution of this matter to this day.
My father, in 2001, filled out and completed Form I-130. However, after he died in 2003, the USCIS told us the form was no longer valid. So my sister filled out and completed this same form.
I was then informed it takes 15 years for this process to be completed for review and resolution.
But today this application I-130 is lost by the INS.
Someone told us I am already an American citizen because I was born in 1965 and my father was a U.S. citizen who served in the Armed Forces. In all likelihood, he met the 10 year physical presence requirement in the U.S. and served abroad as well.
These events occurred prior to my birth so I had just cause to apply for a passport through the State Department or U.S. Consulate and Embassy. I also had the right to apply for registration abroad at the U.S. Consulate and Embassy, of a claim to U.S. citizenship through my father and Grandparents with a Form N-600 and Form N-643.
I filed these forms at the USCIS in Atlanta in May 2004 and my motion was denied in October 2005 with the reason that I did not meet the requirements for acquiring US citizenship through my US citizen parent
and grandparents. We do not understand this. My Father, Uncle, Grandparents, Sister and Great Grandparents are all born and raised in the USA since generation and still living there.
During these past 25 years I have had to face many frustrations with the various official departments.
The first hardship was to find my father and family.
Secondly, the need to live with my American family. We do not understand also, why is it has been so difficult for someone who has an American family, all of whom were born in the United States and lived there for many generations, to move there and be with them.
We do have all official documents include the DNA test, Birth Certificate, Affidavits,Acknowledgement of Paternity, etc. which proves I am a legal member of my American family.

Can someone please tell me what's wrong with this law? With the Government?

Thank you


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Oct 28, 2005
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I don't think anything could sum up the united states government, except for this word; "corruption", they say that the people get the vote, free enterprise... etc. when in reality the entire US is controlled by it's officials. us comman folk are just lab-rats and the people who make this "scummy lake" move
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