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Minimum wage

I believe that nobody with a full time job supporting a spouse and one child should live in poverty. I believe the National poverty level in 2013 for a family of 3 is around 19,500. This would require roughly a 10.00 an hour minimum wage to keep this family above poverty with a single worker and the other is a stay at home caregiver of the child. I would propose for 2014 a two year four phase gradual increase in the minimum wage which is currently 7.25. (8.00, 8 mo later 8.75, 8 mo later 9.50, 8 mo later 10.50) This gives the economy and businesses a chance to adjust to the new wages, also those who earn their wages primarily through tips should also see an increase from the current 2.13 to say a 3.50 (2.50 8 mo later 2.75 8 mo later 3.00 8 mo later 3.50) Again to give the economy and businesses a chance to adjust to the new rates. I believe this will have a generally positive impact on the economy and will help get low wage workers off the government subsidies. I believe Corporations and all businesses do have a responsibility to their workers to at least pay their workers a non poverty level salary. This will help make that happen Some will argue what about children under the age of 18 that work. good point, but do we have a lower min wage for them? Say keep it at 7.25 until the age of 18? That would discourage businesses from hiring over 18 workers and letting them go at 18 to save money. Bad idea IMO. so have to have it the same across the board. Also the minimum wage would go up and sometimes down based on inflation/deflation to help ensure the wages keep up with the increase in prices.
If anyone has any data supporting, or criticizing this view, please share it
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