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Milton Academy


Jan 14, 2005
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Boston Herald & Boston Globe A great story about the Milton academy ORAL SEX scandal this story gets better and better every day!.

Go to Boston Herald & Boston Globe and look up The Milton Academy

It's also has been on talk radio almost every day for about TWO weeks !.

All I hear is people calling in saying this kind of thing never happen when I was going to school YA RIGHT

I'll call up and say I'm 53 years old and girls were doing this kind of stuff when I was going to school in every school their is alway 1-3-5-10+ SLUTS who get passed around the whole school

If you recall Simone & Garfunkel They wrote a song called CEILLA ( SPELL CHECK) their a line in that song that went some thing like THIS

Me & Ciella up in my bedroom I get up to WASH my face and I come back to find SOMEONE else taking my PLACE

Now unless you want to tell me they were PLAYING CARD when he got up to wash his face I'M PRETTY sure you know what they were doing up in his BEDROOM

and that song came out in 1969 ?

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