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Military Leaders Embrace 2014 Afghan Exit Date


Oct 5, 2010
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U.S. military leaders are prepared to back Afghan President Karzai's timeline for troop withdrawal, saying that Afghan security forces should be able to stand on their own by 2014, three years after Obama's target for starting withdrawal.

The far lefties are gonna LOVE Obama for this one...

Military Leaders Embrace 2014 Afghan Exit Date | Foxnews.com

One interesting part of this piece...

Secretary Gates was careful to say despite a large withdrawal by 2014, some troops and civilians will remain in Afghanistan for a long time. "We're going to remain a partner of Afghanistan even after our troops are gone," Gates said. "We walked away from Afghanistan in 1988, and we saw the consequences of that in 2001."

Wow. McCain was completely blasted by the entire left for his '100 years' comments regarding Iraq. I wonder if the left will suddenly understand CONTEXT now that it's one of their own suggesting a similar involvement in Afghanistan?
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