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Mike Brown to investigate FEMA's handling of Katrina


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Jul 31, 2005
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...FEMA had apparently rehired a former employee as a consultant. You might recognize his name, too — Mike Brown.

At a meeting with staff of the special House committee looking into Katrina preparations today, the disgraced and displaced former FEMA director said he had rejoined the agency as a consultant to "provide a review" of how the agency functioned before, during, and after the storm. This according to two congressional sources.

A congressional aide told NBC News nobody's sure — but it is assumed Brown is being paid by FEMA. He is to testify tomorrow before that House committee...


absolutely brilliant :applaud
This administration makes me sick. Oh, yeah, and Halliburton has gotten some of the no-bid contracts to fix up New Orleans. I just don't get how they are able to get away with this crap.
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