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Miers pick proves Bush is a Moderate


Dec 17, 2004
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The Senate Democrats should have rallied to the side of Harriet Miers once her writings on various topics were revealed. It's true there was a mixed record on many issues, but history has shown that a mixed record almost always leads to a liberal voting pattern in the future.

The general rule for judging is that if they aren't demonstrably conservative with a clear record, eventually they see the world more clearly once on the bench.

Justice Souter, Kennedy, and O'Conner are all current examples of this.

Once the pressure of the media, career goals, and normal life are removed, people are free to pursue their highest ideals.

The speech Ms. Miers gave to a women's group in Dallas nearly a decade ago, shows that she is sensitive to a number of issues including: women's rights, affirmative action, and various social issues.

The moment this was revealed, an influential group of Democrats should have staked a position in favor of Miers.

What do we think will happen next? The President will send a (more) moderate person for confirmation this time?


I say this because, I find it hard to believe he didn't understand that Ms. Miers was not the kind of person his base wanted. Yet, it's clear she was the person he wanted.

President Bush is (actually) a moderate Republican who believes in the values and goals of liberal Democrats with updated means to acheive them. He has certain issues where he has intense right-wing impulses, but ultimately he's in the mainstream.

He supports public education, Medicare, Social Security, etc.

I believe he is in fact Pro-Choice on abortion rights. Meaning: He personally is opposed (as I and many people are), but realizes that the decision is not murder, and it is our job to persuade people in a kind and loving way.

Politically, it would have been smart for a solid block of Democrats to support her once her liberal leanings were identified. Even if she might now repudiate some of the implications of her liberal words, I believe she could be the best we might ever get.

Now the President is in a truly weak position politically, where another dissapointing choice (to conservatives) could effectively end his reign. He may actually veer toward the right-wing this time to save his legacy.

However I'm hoping that , his history of being stubborn, witness the Iraq war and tax cuts for the wealthy, will once again be decisive. This may portend a repeat performance.

I'm convinced Miers was a moderate. I don't think it was a mistake.

If the President chooses the same way again, we should help him this time.

Craig Farmer

making the word "liberal" safe again!

on the Harriet Mier's subject, did you know that Harriet Miers's approval rating is higher than Bush's and it is rumored that she will run for president next election?
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