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Memo to Donald Trump: You’re Not Running against Bill Clinton


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May 6, 2012
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Sarasota, Florida
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Memo to Donald Trump: You're Not Running Against Bill Clinton
Memo to Donald Trump: You’re Not Running against Bill Clinton

“Donald Trump continues to run for president like his opponent is Bill Clinton. Chances are that will backfire badly………. Trump’s latest effort to pretend he is running against Bill Clinton by repeating worn out, discredited accusations about the former president and blaming Hillary Clinton for her husband’s personal transgressions……..almost 30 years old........

I am sure many here are not aware of the unceasing and vicious attacks on Bill and HRC…….. Many had some truth to them and were not befitting a President……….but the attacks outrageous and went over the top of common decency………

Bill’s approval rating was at an all-time low of 29%.........

But left office with an approval rate of 73%........

.....the highest of all presidents since the poll was begun…
Clinton Receives Record High Job Approval Rating After Impeachment Vote And Iraq Air Strikes

The more the RW attacked the higher Bill approval rate improved………….

I expect the same will happen here………..The crazies of the “vast RW conspiracy” just never know when to give up…….
Yeah he is. Hillary putting Bill in charge of the economy....fair game.
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