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Meghan McCain Blows Off College For Vegas

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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Northern Illinois
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She is mildly attractive. OK. Good. Who cares? Not me. Either way she blew off her responsibility and decided to go to Vegas. Niiiiice. Another reason why she is a joke. John McCain raised a spoiled brat!

she blew off her responsibility

ah, now THAT sounds more like the Giant Noodle we have all come to know and l... uh... well...

anyway... responsibility? to whom? if you think it is not to herself, first.... your libertarianism would seem to be slipping. any responsibility she blew off was an imposed responsibility and was open to being tossed in the bin.

hell, i hope she has a good time. she has lots of money, she can afford to lose... and of course, lose she will. that is how Vegas works... taking large offa dumb**** capitalists. and if you regret that some of that money was yours, once upon a time, well, just consider that socialism has many faces.

She's, like, a total ditz.
Why are we supposed to care about this?
OMG! A young adult did something impulsive!

Tomorrow on 'painfully obvious revelations', we examine evidence that water is wet.
professional of her? no

but this happens all the time. she potentially hurts only herself

much ado about nothing in my never-humble opinion
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