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You want a scary example of what privatized medicine would be like. You don't have to wait till it's privatized to be scared.

Consider the medicine cabinet. Of all the elders, how many have cabinets stacked with medications prescribed by their doctor. I remember one time when I was visiting my grandmother that she had came down with some severe stomach cramps all of a sudden. We took her to the hospital and she stayed overnight. She was taking two medications at the time and she had recently had a change of dosage. This was ruled to be the cause. (gives me the creeps how doctor's professional analysis seems to borderline professional guesswork) However, when she returns from the hospital they gave her six new medications to take for the sudden cramp. SIX.

I am no fan of medication. When the cure is outnumbered by the side-effects ten to one or more, I don't want nothing to do with it. And that's for each medication. They gave her six. Six different kinds of medications swimming in her body like a cocktail.

Did she need six different medications? I highly doubt it. They were probably flung on her because, hey, it means more money for somebody. What this is culminates to abuse of he elderly. They always seem to be suffering from five different things, why not just throw all this medication on them. They have no choice. They can't really make their own diagnosis. They can go to another doctor but he will likely just give them another medication if not the same if you don't tell him you already saw one doctor.

I could go on the edge here and say that America's poor standards of living in regards to healthy practices is wooed by the health community. It fills their offices and provides a steady stream of cash. Never forget these obvious equations...

There must be demand in order for there to be a market. If there is no demand, make some of that too.
The sicker you are, the better it is for them.​

Yes, there may be some good guys in the business who actually try to help but I liken them to good guys in politics. They may exist but they are severely outnumbered and pressured from the start to march in step or be stomped out of the system.

If there is no sickness, there is no health industry.
If there is no crime, their is no law enforcement.
If there are no wars, there are no military's and no defense industries
If there were no problems, there would be no politicians.

What is the next equation I gather from all of this...

Peace and Prosperity is bad for the economy.​
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