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Media Blackout? - Rand Paul's Response:

The Paul's are Getting Desperate​

You would think that after his kooky father Rand Paul wouldn’t be in the national spotlight. Nonetheless he is doing a better job at brainwashing people than his father ever did! Yet, Paultards everywhere insist that there was a national effort to kick Rand Paul out in favor of Rubio's speech, or just because they didn't like him. Please, if they didn't like him, they wouldn't have allowed him to do a speech!! Much less, waste money and resources trying to block him!

In a “tea party” response to the Establishment Republican Response of the State the Union Address, Rand Paul gave a speech that nobody watched, because it wasn’t aired on any single Cable Network! Including C-SPAN!!!! How he was able to do this speech, I have no idea. No Tea Party person I know even likes Rand Paul.

However, during this speech Rand Paul touched upon some things that should make people scratch their heads and say, he’s a tea party member??

1. "Both parties have been guilty of spending too much, of protecting their sacred cows, of backroom deals in which everyone up here wins, but every taxpayer loses."

So Rand will you now, condemn your father and yourself for doing the same things? Will you also condemn your super-pacs and your questionable eye practice? Why are you acting like you aren’t part of the party? Are you not a Republican? If so, why are you registered as one? Rand’s Speech with all his talk about bipartisanship actually contributes to the political division in Congress. Because he brands himself as outside of the republican mainstream, as in not Republican!

2. "If Congress refuses to obey its own rules, if Congress refuses to pass a budget, if Congress refuses to read the bills, then I say: Sweep the place clean. Limit their terms and send them home," Paul said.

I thought Tea Party members were against government regulations, especially when it comes to legislation? How is term limits a good punishment for people who are already breaking the law? Just as criminals won’t follow new gun laws, politicians aren’t going to follow laws that punish themselves.

These are just some of the issues I had with Rand Paul’s speech. Yet, you should see what his father is now trying to do. Because Ron Paul is so desperate for attention these days, (He should read my blog, I write plenty about him) he has decided to pair with a radio station, which will air 2 minute Ron Paul talking points!! Yeah, more subliminal brainwashing messages from Ron Paul about his libertarian utopia!!!!

Anti-Ron Paul Bot: Media Blackout?
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