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Media Bias is not the Problem


Nov 21, 2010
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Historically, there has always been bias in the press with regard to political parties. In our country's younger years, it was probably as vitriolic, biting and hyperbolic as it is today, if not more so. Especially during election cycles.

The problem is saturation. Back in those days, the tone of the press was tempered by it's relatively slow pace, the regional nature of the press, and that we as a people tended to interact with each other on a far more intimate level on a daily basis.

Today, people are saturated with the media, and are more familiar with the media personalities than their neighbors or even the people they work with. Hyperbole doesn't just peak at elections and times of scandal (real or inferred), but is the incessant daily drumbeat pumped into American homes, cars and in some cases, places of work. And, it's immediate and pervasive.

As media saturation grows, the need for factual reporting, integrity, investigative journalism and opinion free information grows to provide internal tempers against the rash nature of partisan and biased agenda driven information.

The nature of parties, and especially in two party systems, are just about the most dangerous aspect of democracy to the freedoms and liberties of the people. When those agenda driven partisans, combined with the corporate ethos: Win; make a profit at all costs; make the most profit at any cost, we must at these times be the most vigilant.

Both sides of our country's political system are failing us in huge ways. We are being sold our politics. Not on the virtues of the people we are being asked to vote for as part of a package party deal, but on their opponents larger perceived failures. That is, this party/candidate is less of a failure than the other.

People, we are on the edge of achieving a chain reaction, that could easily run amok and reach a critical mass, a tipping point from which the People will never recover their control of their government.

The time for careful, reasoned vigilance of the government election and corporate relationships and honestly ask ourselves, does giving a small group of wealthy and powerful men twice the vote and all of the voice bode well for We the People.

If every man in the corporation has an equal vote, but control of the information and the capital support which buys away your representation and has millions more to spend on public relations to make it palatable to the masses, we have lost our voice, our way, and may have already lost control of our government.

Media bias is not the problem, our lack of vigilance and unified voice, and a whole lot of common sense, is.
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