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Maybe the dumbest decision I've ever read


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Sep 29, 2007
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Court upholds conviction of man who pointed "finger gun" at neighbor

According to the article the finger gun gesture presented a serious risk of prompting an altercation but, apparently, the double barreled bird is't expected to have such an effect.

Fellow Americans, it's a pretty damned sad state of things when we have people suing each other over hand gestures and it's pretty damned pathetic that courts are actually hearing these cases.
I called the CHP about a decade ago because some guy was driving nuts on the 405 in Orange County... he was angry as hell at some lady and when he got up next to her car he made the pistol hand and fired with his thumb. I was calling on him for tailgating and speeding but when I mentioned the gun hand thing to the coms lady cop she got super serious and said that they take that very seriously and she was immediately calling in some units. I was a little shocked as the gun hand thing was a secondary off handed comment I was not even intending to initially report.
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