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May I Join In?

Stray Pooch

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Jul 2, 2005
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Shenandoah Valley, VA
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Hello. My name is Stray Pooch. I am a 47 year old retired soldier, married for twenty eight years, with five children ranging from 15 to 27. I consider myself a conservative Republican, though I am often accused by those on my side of the aisle of being too middle-of-the-road for the claim. I enjoy writing, and have had op-ed and humor pieces published from time to time in small local newspapers and my college literary magazine. I also enjoy writing music (I majored in music for a few years before joining the army) and parodies. You can find several of my parodies on http://www.amiright.com . I have been involved in online political debate for several years now, and I currently hang out at the Three Dead Horses Saloon, at http://www.debategate.com/3DHS .

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, having converted from the Lutheran faith about thirty years ago. That proclamation often brings forth those eager to save me from perdition. So I should point out that while I am perfectly willing to debate the social effects of any religion, I do not debate doctrinal points. In other words I will not discuss the claims of Joseph Smith, the fallability of the Pope, transubstantiation or reincarnation. But I will discuss whether the LDS position on gay marriage is consistent with their stand on polygamy a century ago or whether the Roman Catholic church should take a stronger stand on offenders in their ranks. I tend to think independently, so some who expect opposition may find me on their side and some who expect support may be disappointed. I also tend to be wordy - didja notice?

I will be honest, civil (though I can bark at times) and hopefully interesting. I tend to look for accuracy and intellectual honesty among those with whom I debate - and will point it out if these qualities are lacking. But I am not an attack pooch. I like friendly, fun discourse and creative discussion from either side of the fence. At their worst, debate sites can be flame-filled cesspools of hyperbolic fanaticism. At their best, they can be places where one can make friends, exchange views and broaden perspectives. I hope this forum will be more the latter than the former.

Nice to meet you all.
Wow! *standing ovation*

Hehe - excellent intro of yourself pooch.

You have me eagerly looking forward to some insight on topics of your interest.

Welcome to Debate Politics!
Cesspools of fanaticism...have a topic for you to check out. Cesspool You may either agree or at the least get a kick outta it.

Anyway, great introduction, probably the best I have seen, and I look forward to intellectually sparing with you.
vauge: Thank you for the welcome. I hope I will be a good addition to the forum. ShamMol: Thank you for steering me directly into the fray - lol! I would not be so foolhardy as to enter such an exchange on my first day in a forum. I do agree with your assessment of Justice O'Connor. She didn't always vote like I would have preferred, but she always voted honestly. I'll be glad to "spar" with you when necessary. For my part I'm old, conservative and vote when my fading memory remembers how to get to the polls! :D

Absolutely, when necessary. It is wise to avoid that area of...convesation until you get used to the flow of the forum. I am an aspiring lawyer and Justice O'Connor was one of those people who you can just admire, for her being independent while still holding onto opinion. She was always straight-forward and based each decision on the facts of the case and legal surroundings, not giving into rhetoric. That is something that I can respect, whether it be from a conservative or liberal or moderate.

Great to have you aboard.
Welcome to the asylum - sounds like you're going to be a great addition. Love your avatar, I've always wanted a Shar Pei just to bury my fingers in their wrinkles - they look so squishy and nice ;)

I participate in another forum that often degrades to that "cesspool" category. It's much nicer here. Hope you stick around. (Besides, you seem closest to my age - I was starting to feel like a senior citizen)
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Welcome! I just got here also.

and edb19...fear not. The senior citizens brigade has arrived, lol. I too am "up" there.
edb19: Thanks for the welcome. The pooch avatar is right off of the choices on the forum. I use a golden retriever on my yahoo profile, but I was too lazy to "retrieve" it and since I'm pretty wrinkly myself . . .

Beautymrgn: We are not "senior citizens." We are simply experienced and wise - just don't try to convince my teenagers of that - lol!

Thanks for the good words, all. Glad to be here.
galenrox said:
Wassup brother, pleased to meet you!

Back at ya. My favorite BF quote is: "Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other."

My life is a living testimony to the truthfulness of Mr. Franklin's insight. :D
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