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Maryland ballot vendor abruptly quits as printing was to get underway


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Dec 22, 2005
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this close to the election and the contractor declares its unwillingness to execute its contract to print ballots
Maryland ballot vendor abruptly quits as printing was to get underway; state signs deal with new firm - Baltimore Sun

Maryland’s ballot printing vendor cut ties with the state with less than 60 days before the presidential election when at least 50% of the state’s voters are expected to vote by mail ...

Maryland’s relationship with SeaChange soured after the June 2 primary when the vendor was blamed for numerous problems.SeaChange mailed ballots late to voters in Baltimore City and Montgomery County, with voters receiving them less than two weeks before the primary. Maryland officials said at the time that SeaChange lied on multiple occasions about having sent the ballots. SeaChange officials said the state was at fault for sending them voter mailing lists late.
yea, it also screwed up the instructions printed in spanish instead of english and formatted ballots incorrectly so that they were not properly read
other than that sea change appeared to have done an 'impressive' job

but there is actually good news. another contractor is willing to assume the contract requirement of sea change and will perform cheaper than the defaulting contractor:
... Charlson told members of the State Board of Elections Friday that the new contract with Taylor has a lower price per ballot than the state’s $12 million deal with SeaChange. The Taylor contract has a $7 million cap, she said. ...

was this firm incompetent or was it corrupt in being non-responsive to the government contract to prepare ballots correctly and timely before the election?
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