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Marxian theory of education/discovery


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Aug 6, 2013
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The marxian theory of education is by far superior than any other educational theories. It emphasis, purpose. reorganization, interaction with the material. While in the west, specific specialization occurs within the educational system. The marxian theory of discovery is basically the same as education. However, the west believes that discovery arrives from induction or/and deduction. Or a "lucky" choice on the hypothesis.

The outstanding scientific researchers in the USSR is evident that cultures derived of marxist philosophy has continue to produced science at the highest Level. Some of these researchers include Alexander Oparin with his work on Coacervate provides evidence for the superiority marxist culture, and also received guidance from Marxist ideology Dialectical materialism. Though it is interesting that the russian orthodox church have provided some of the best science minds of the millennium. Ivan Pavlov(father a priest of the russian orthodox church) know for his work in the conditional reflex has been taught to this day. Dmitri Mendeleev famously know for the periodic table, also comes out of the Russian Orthodox Church. Trofim Lysenko a Horticulturist provide extremely favorable evidence for the theories on hybridization while rejection the well accepted theory of the west, Mendelian genetics.

We cannot forget about the intellectual attributes of Lenin and Stalin. Stalin in his papers Marxism and PRoblems of linguistics, comes to the conclusion that language is part of the productive base, deriving from marx superstructure of linguistics.

Asian cultures have continue to prosper under the Dialectical of marx and taoism.

Whether or not western culture can apply some of the culture attributes of marx and eastern ideology, will only be decided by the people. Accepting the anti-communism rhetoric of mccarthyism has clearly allow corporate ideology to dictate the path of western culture especially the U.S. Disregarding Marxist philosophy has removed and important layer of culture that has given latin-base and oriental countries more room for growth. An open mind and a clear heart will certainly release truth from the depths of the corporate state.

Yours truly

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