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Martha X: The Radicalization of Martha Stewart


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Dec 11, 2004
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I wanted to have a conversation about our justice system, race and sex in America. Can a black man or woman, or white woman get a fair trial in the U.S.?

Martha X: The Radicalization of Martha Stewart
by Max Gordon

Today is January 9, 2005 and Martha Stewart has spent 93 nights in a Federal prison camp called Alderson. Her prison number is 55170-054. In our country of African-American communities bathed in swirling red and blue lights, police radios waking sleeping neighbors and handcuffed black men lowered into the back of squad cars, the idea of Martha Stewart, our doyenne of lavender-scented linens and homemade pumpkin cookies at Thanksgiving, being thrown in the slammer like a black ex-con who has violated his parole, seems like someone’s idea of a nasty political joke. White women like Martha Stewart don’t go to prison in America; they don’t even know what a prison looks like from the outside. Yet Martha Stewart is very much a woman, very much white, and she is, at the time of this writing, very much in prison. How did it happen?

To read the rest of this article go to http://marthaX.blogspot.com
:funny :damn :eek:t Martha Stewart went to jail because she received illegal inside information about how the company was going out of business. What is the relation between Martha Stewart and black ex cons?
Martha Stewart is a waste of time, just like JLO and Ben Affleck's new bitch.
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