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Marjh: Explosion kills 4 U.S. soldiers and wounding

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Jun 1, 2010
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In the name of God the Merciful

Marjh: Explosion kills 4 U.S. soldiers and wounding

Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - 06/01/2010

According to breaking news from Helmand province, killing and injury (4) U.S. soldiers as a result of a powerful explosion in Marjh.

Officials say the jihadists in the region: American enemy the U.S. occupation of these losses at about eight o'clock in the morning local time, in a series of "conquest" initiated, when they were trying to revoke a mine planted in the "Trik maneuvered" located on a road to Lashkar Gah statehood , they exploded a landmine planted another.

Said the people of the region: from the intensity of the explosion scattered the remains of dead soldiers to a distance of fifty meters from the scene, and that the soldiers are busy infidels collected.
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