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Mandela critically ill in hospital

Infinite Chaos

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Oct 28, 2007
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South Africa's first black president, 94, was taken to hospital in Pretoria earlier this month for the third time this year, with a lung infection.Mr Zuma said he had been told by doctors that the former president's condition had worsened over the past 24 hours.
"The doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that Madiba is well-looked after and is comfortable. He is in good hands," said President Zuma, using Mr Mandela's clan name by which he is widely known in South Africa.


News about Mandela hasn't been this serious before. He's show real fighting spirit but this time I fear he will leave us.

I'm fairly certain there will be some crass hatred posts as on other threads about Mandela but I implore the serious posters here to just ignore them.

Here's to Mandela.
I read a day or so ago that he has been in a coma for several days. Not sure whether this is accurate, but this does look to be his time. And 94 is a ripe old age.

He will not be forgotten.
Yeah Mandela is more a symbol than anything else. He sat in jail while others did all the heavy lifting. His reputation is more akin to Kennedy's after Jackie O built his Camelot myth. It sucks for him to be sick, but he has had a good run.
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