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Man arrested for riding a horse into Lafayette Parish bar, lassoing customer


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Sep 15, 2012
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Columbus, OH
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Just after midnight on Wednesday, Aug. 14, Scott Police were called to Cowboy’s nightclub because a man rode his horse inside the bar. He then allegedly lassoed a man and dragged him through the parking lot.

Scott Police say Jeremy Rene Mouton, 26, had his horse in a trailer in the parking lot of the night club. After becoming drunk, police say Mouton unloaded the horse and rode it into the club. Mouton then allegedly rode the horse out of the bar and onto North Ambassador Caffery Parkway, just North of Interstate 10.

We’re told Mouton went back into the bar. Police say a concerned bar patron escorted Mouton and his horse out of the building. Once outside, Scott Police say Mouton roped a 47-year-old man using a lasso. The man was allegedly dragged through the parking lot by Mouton, the horse, and his lasso. Scott Police tell us the man had minor injuries to his hands.

:rofl Link
I read this story earlier and it's definitely a to 10er!
They had a similar incident on Bar Rescue. Taffer took the owner to the woodshed over it.
ROFL. I actually know a guy from Wyoming that did that. Got Tazed. :mrgreen:
I believe if I were the one lassoed and dragged across the pavement a bit, I'd be kicking the **** out of that guy at some point.
Why the long face?
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