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Make Your Own McRib

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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Northern Illinois
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Last week, McDonald's reintroduced the McRib — its cultish take on a barbecue pork sandwich— to its menu for, as they say, a limited time only. First introduced to the fast-food canon in the early '80s, the McRib fared poorly and was pulled after a few years, only to be brought back every so often to much hype and popular obsession. Even when it's not available, it gets a fair bit of airplay from fans and enemies alike. This little sandwich with just five components — sandwich roll, onions, pickle slices, barbecue sauce, and a single hunk of pork — lands so much attention. And yet it could be so much better! I was inspired to make a superior version right at home

SEE HOW TO MAKE IT: Make Your Own McRib: Bigger, Better, and Always Available - Saveur.com
If I wanted to cook for 3.5 hours, I wouldn't get a McRib.
They are an insult to real ribs.

They aren't even pork. They are "McStuff". :mrgreen:
They are an insult to real ribs.

They aren't even pork. They are "McStuff". :mrgreen:

Agree. They are McNasty:2razz:

I take my BBQ very serious.
The guy/gal who invented that crap should be lynched:mrgreen:
Why make a McRib when you can vote for one?

I remember when the Big N' Tasty came out. My dad saw a McDonald's in California where the T was faded. The poster read " the Big N' asty." Now that would be honest advertising :mrgreen:
A former mayor of the town I grew up in spent six pages of his blog complaining about how his McRib didn't have BBQ sauce on it. This was a few years ago when they had a limited special. He's a darned idiot.
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