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Mahatma Gandhi is a symbol of peace and human rights


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Sep 2, 2010
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Mahatma Gandhi is one of those leaders who create lasting impressions on the memory of mankind. Since his adulthood in South Africa he committed himself to the cause of human rights and civil liberties. Having an Indian origin, Mahatma Gandhi did not find any difference in the environment of British India and British South Africa. After gaining popularity Mahatma Gandhi returned to his native land, India where his people were direly waiting for his leadership.

Mahatma Gandhi was a simple soul and son of the soil in true sense of the words. He gave message of non violence and peace to his people who were struggling to get rid of the British rule. He laid down the golden principles regarding politics, business and even the religion which always show us the light of peace at the end of every tunnel of dismay.

However today India is replete with the glaring examples of human right abuses, usurping of rights of minorities and religious intolerance and extremism. People of India are expected to convince their government to shun all such controversial policies so that the image of their great leader is not tarnished and achievement of global peace becomes rather easy.

Light of Peace: Mahatma Gandhi: A Beacon of Peace in South Asia
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