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Lurking in the shadows


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Aug 1, 2005
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I’m new here, been lurking in the shadows a bit though. I’ve enjoyed reading posts on this site. Hopefully I’ll walk away with a more rounded view after sharing idea’s and believes with other individuals.
Hi there! :2wave: Welcome to the forum. We're all vegan socialists here. It'll take a couple minutes for the brain washing to settle, and you will be too.

Oh wait...you've been reading some of the posts already huh...disregard the capitalist meat-eaters...we bring them in for amusement.

I kid, I kid.

It takes at least a week for the brain washing to kick in.:mrgreen:
Hi there :2razz:

ive just joined after looking around, kinda liked what i saw.
anyways just thought id say hi. My names crystal, im 18 and cant wait to get my opinion across. lol

c ya
"Hello you," to you two too.

Glad to have you.
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Welcome to Debate Politics!
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