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Lose Weight, Get A Good Grade


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May 19, 2004
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Source: Denver Channel

Denver Public Schools is battling the epidemic of obesity with a new course that combines social studies and weight loss.

"We handpicked kids who were willing to say out loud, 'You know what? I got some weight to lose and I'm happy to do it,'" said teacher Celeste Archer.

The overweight and average-weight teenagers from around the district gather at East High School. The school offers a social studies curriculum with an unusual combination of topics, including awareness of what's happening in the world, politics, philanthropy, health, nutrition and fitness.

On weekends, the students exercise at the Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center. Not only are they motivated to drop pounds, they're also helping others around the world who don't have enough to eat."

It's an independent study class. It's called 'Eight Quarters for Kids.' It focuses on obesity and starvation across the ocean in Africa," said junior Tim Mapoles.
Hrmm... I wonder if they have an AP course?
ok. . . to Vauge. I'm glad that there's something interesting like that out there.

To Joe, :damn

That's insane.
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