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Los Angeles Times Poll: Boxer Leads Fiorina By 8 Points


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Mar 27, 2009
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Los Angeles Times Poll: Boxer Leads Fiorina By 8 Points

The new Los Angeles Times/Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (D) poll of the California Senate race shows Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer with a strong lead over Republican nominee Carly Fiorina.

The numbers: Boxer 51%, Fiorina 43%. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.3% margin of error. In the previous LAT/GQR poll from back in late May, Boxer led Fiorina by 44%-38%.

Despite what the GOP machine on Fox News and talk radio tells people, Boxer is a moderate on fiscal issues and liberal on social issues. She's a California democrat.

Had Fiorina run as a moderate, and had she addressed her record at HP, then maybe people would listen. But her big ad that ran last week "call me senator" didn't tell us how she was going to deal with illegal immigration, CA jobs, or taxes. It was a character attack ad that fell flat.

I support Whitman over Brown, but not Fiorina.
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