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Looking For a Few Good Criminals


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Aug 27, 2005
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The military is now scraping the bottom of the barrel to find new recruits. In 2005, 17% of all military recruits were recruited on waivers, meaning that criminal convictions, poor health, mental problems, and the like did not keep them out, because in its desperation to find new recruits, the military bypassed standard policy and issued waivers to recruit 20,880 new soldiers. But even with this relaxation of standards, the military still missed their quota.

Article is here.
With the lefties and Bush haters filling the would-be recruits heads with rhetoric about 'unjust war' and such, the trend is likely to continue. If this keeps up maybe lefties will get their wish with the U.S. actually losing the war on terror.
This hawkish rhetoric is getting very old. Show me a link where a representative of the Democratic party is stating that he/she wishes that we lose the war on terror.

Looking for an exit strategy is far from wishing to lose a war. Do any of us want to see any more lives lost than is strictly necessary? I don't think so. That includes the parents of many kids who are of age to enlist. They are weighing the risks and benefits carefully, which is exactly what they should be doing. Many who enlisted in the National Guard are now fighting and dying in Iraq. I highly doubt that they expected to be serving in a war on foreign soil when they enlisted. Many others have been called back to active duty and sent to Iraq many years after retiring from the military. I have no issue with the fact that they should have read the fine print before they signed up, but I also have no issue with the fact that many are now thinking twice about the wisdom of signing up, in light of the current situation.
Actually I don't think it's a bad idea for the military to recruit people with criminal records (depending on what they did, of course). If anything can straighten them out and set them on the path to success, the military can.
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