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London Man 'Shot dead for not being Muslim'


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Aug 27, 2005
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'Shot dead for not being Muslim'

A man was shot five times in the head at close range in an “execution” plotted by a group of heavily armed Muslims who had wanted him to convert to Islam, a court was told yesterday.

Adrian Marriott, 21, his sister Tara and her friend had been targeted by Marcus Archer and Marcus Stubbs, who were said to have a “missionary zeal” for converting people to Islam, the Old Bailey was told.

The women agreed to become Muslims, made a declaration of faith and were given hijabs, or headscarves, the jury was told.

But Mr Marriott, from Brixton, South London, had fallen out with the men, claiming to have been threatened with a gun by them and had £500 demanded, it was said. Tension between Mr Marriott and Mr Archer and Mr Stubbs had come to a head on June 8 when Mr Archer was “accosted” by Mr Marriott and another man at Loughborough Junction station, Christopher Kinch, QC, for the prosecution, said.

“It was, the Crown say, a conspiracy, that is an agreement, to shoot Adrian Marriott dead,” Mr Kinch said.

Mr Archer, from southeast London, Mr Stubbs and another man, Aaron Irving-Simpson, all 24, deny conspiracy to murder. The trial continues.


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