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Local Lawsuit Against Obama Library Goes to Federal Court


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Jul 8, 2017
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And it's a leftist group OPPOSING the location....

Federal Court Hears Obama Library Case

CHICAGO (AP) — The city of Chicago made its first full-throated response this week to a lawsuit seeking to stop construction of the Obama Presidential Center, saying the buildings would sit on land that wasn't subject to restrictive public-trust laws.

City attorneys made those and other legal arguments in a federal court motion to dismiss a May lawsuit filed by an environmental group opposed to the project in Chicago's historic Jackson Park, chosen as the site for the $500 million presidential museum and library by former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.
The filing asking Judge John Robert Blakey to toss the suit highlights City Council and state legislative approval for the complex it said will foster economic development on the city's South Side, upgrade the parkland and tell "the story of our Nation's first African-American President." It's slated to open in 2021.

Protect Our Parks contends in its complaint that the land was once under Lake Michigan water, putting it in the public trust under court precedent and extending additional protections. The city's filing argues that's historically inaccurate and that while nearby areas were submerged, the Obama Presidential Center site was not.Among the other arguments by center opponents, construction would "deface" Jackson Park and would disrupt a bird habitat. They also worry Barack Obama will use the center "to continue his political activities by raising money for the Democrat Party" and "speaking out on controversial partisan political issues."

Blakey said in October he didn't want the litigation to drag out, telling attorneys he intended to announce a trial date in December.

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