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Live8 - End Poverty Now!


Jun 28, 2005
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Every day 50,000 people die of extreme poverty. Now, we have the power to end this tragedy—not with our money, but with our voices. On July 6, leaders from the world’s most powerful countries are gathering in Edinburgh, Scotland for the historic G8 Summit. They’ll discuss plans to increase aid to poor countries, eliminate debts, make trade laws fair—and, as a result, save millions of lives all over the world. But they’ll only act if enough people tell them to.
Do your part to help make poverty history by signing the Live 8 Global Petition: www.live8list.com/en/
Worldwide concerts featuring the biggest names in music—U2, Destiny's Child, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw, Madonna, Sting and more—along with one million spectators and millions of viewers. All coming together on July 2 armed with one purpose—to make poverty history. Live 8 isn’t just an event—it’s a chance to change the world. And AOLMusic.com is the only place to see every minute of every show, live and on-demand throughout the summer.
For more info on the Live 8, please visit us at www.live8live.com.
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