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Live results- Governor- My interest is in Georgia- Florida


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Dec 27, 2014
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Live results- Governor- My interest is in Georgia- Florida




Waiting for the sub forum to open, but perhaps we can follow the rules here.

in preparation for election day, a new sub-forum has been created titled 'Decision 2018'. All discussions regarding the results of the 2018 US Mid-Term Election will take place in this forum. This forum is for election results, not debating "issues" such as abortion, gun control, taxes, etc... There is a stickied announcement regarding how the forum will be moderated. Each user will need to read the announcement as well as agreeing to the rules prior to posting in that forum. At approximately 5:45 pm EST, the '2018 US Mid-Term Elections' forum will be locked and the new forum will be unlocked. The issues have been debated for months now and the focus will be on the election results. On Wednesday, the forum will be re-opened when the threads from the 'Decision 2018' are moved into the '2018 US Mid-Term Elections' forum.
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