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Little Mogadishu: Somalis in Minneapolis outraged over Trump's comments


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Jan 10, 2015
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Kathleen Virnig, a former Christian bookstore owner in St. Cloud who has organized events questioning the resettlement of Muslim refugees, says Trump is giving a national platform to concerns she and a group of active speakers on the issue have expressed. She called him a “voice of reason” who stands to embolden those who have criticized resettlement.

She worries the U.S. government isn’t vetting refugees thoroughly enough and argues Muslim refugees would have an easier time adjusting to Muslim-majority countries.

“We’re resettling people when we have no idea what their reason for wanting to be here might be,” Virnig said.
GOPUSA ? Little Mogadishu: Somalis in Minneapolis outraged over Trump's comments
Syrian Refugees: Here's How the Screening Process Works

A hell of a lot more stringent than the vetting process for which Americans are allowed to procreate and have kids who may or may not be a security/criminal risk to their own communities, I think. Which is to say, as long as two people are capable of ****ing.
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