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Little Ike and a Little Philosophy


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Aug 27, 2005
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Houston, TX
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Yesterday really sucked. I live about a mile from work, and yesterday, it took me about 2 hours to drive home, due to flooding and crazy drivers. Drive time was when this little thunderstorm hit. It lasted about half an hour, but what a half hour it was. Winds gusted to about 100 miles per hour in Southwest Houston, and it did a lot of damage in some areas. And people were driving crazily. I saw 4 accidents on my short ride home. Near home, I saw many branches down, and the old folks home near where I live had about half the shingles ripped from it's roof. A thought went through my head - Hey, this is Ike Junior. LOL.

I finally got home to find myself with no power, and found out that power was out to 100,000 people. I lit some candles, and then laid down on the couch and started reading a book. Before I knew it, it was midnight, and that is when our power came back on. That is when I realized that I did not miss being on my computer.

Every so often, a small but violent storm comes through, or we get an Ike or an Allison or an Alicia, which all remind me that I can live without my computer, and that I can live without the internet. It's not a big deal to me. So, what am I doing right now? I am on my computer at work, posting something on the internet during my lunch break, and when I get home this evening, I will most likely be posting something on the internet again.

Moral of the story: Philosophical thinking is great, until you get your internet connection back, and then all that deep thought goes right out the window. :rofl
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