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Listening Post 18.06.10 - Flotilla / Wiki Footage of Psycopaths (1 Viewer)

May 31, 2010
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Flotilla / Wiki Footage of Psycopaths (Alleged source arrested)

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I watched a few minutes. There are many good reasons that Israel held the criminals and their film for a few days.

It's starting to border on CP. I'm stopping the video (~6 minutes).

It's obviously crap.
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interesting that the user removed it :lol:

What did it show?

Oh wait i found it in youtube is it 22min?

I find it funny media people are complaining that they are getting edited footage, when they always get edited footage and they themselves edit it also.. :roll: Pure Bull****
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It was ridiculous. It was basically like this:

Israel and "the activists" have tried to control the images from the flotilla thing. The activists made many films and had tons of evidence about what happened. This was their contribution to trying to control the images... recording the truth. Israel arrested everyone and took all of their film, and held the people and the film for three days. During this time, Israel posted whatever images they wanted, to make themselves look good with edited film. It even used youtube. In the meantime, the activists were silenced. For three days. Three days. THREE DAYS!! Why? Why... WHY?! The evil zionists were once again controlling everything. (Ok, they didn't have that last sentence, but that's basically what the video was saying).

I threw up a little in my mouth and stopped the video. I'm sure next (I stopped at 6 minutes) was: "Now, you will hear their story." And then I'd have to watch terrorists lie in my face, no thanks.

Am I right about the "now, you will hear their story" is coming up?

Anyway, it's good to learn that 'Listening Post' is garbage. I'd never heard of them and next time I'll know what's up.
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Talkin loud, ain't sayin nuttin.

Strategic Comms?

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