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Limbaugh not convinced kidnapping of christians was legit

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Rush Limbaugh was not quite convinced that the recent Christian kidnap victims was the real thing, ..but in fact reserved the possibilty of it being a "staged" event in order to help garner sympathy, & more advocates for pulling out of Iraq, & the anti-war movement by showing the terrorists as being somewhat more civilized, & in fact almost human,...as Limbaugh suggested on his friday radio show!

It is somewhat a bit hard to believe that REAL terrorists would actually release those christian kidnap victims, ..& especially moreso...since they were reportidly have threatened to kill them IF their demands were not met.

Or perhaps the terrorists might have discovered that they might fare much better in the MEDIA by this act of releasing them unharmed!;)
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