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Limbaugh: Establishment ready to vote hillary...

In 25 years of listening to Rush, he is RARELY wrong and even though buffoons with the IQ of a chilled straight pin love to ridicule him, it's more from a position of abstract ignorance than knowledge or insight.

Yep, spot on is not at all unusual for Mr. Limbaugh.
MickeyW;1065785307 [url=http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/04/19/fireworks_after_your_host_says_the_gop_establishment_plans_to_vote_for_hillary said:
Fireworks After Your Host Says the GOP Establishment Plans to Vote for Hillary - The Rush Limbaugh Show[/url] I'd say Rush is spot on per usual.

I'd say those who think Rush is spot on also think Trump is as well... while the vast majority of Americans of all stripes but far out Rabid anti-establishment (I'm old enough to remember when it was the hippies who were called that) see them as a drug addled puffer and an opportunist ego maniac who remembers 7/11.

But neither are seen by a majority of Americans as either 'spot-on' or good for this country... :peace
Rush Limbaugh: proof that you can make a lucrative career out of biting the hand that feeds you so long as everyone involved is stupid enough.
If the Republicans go with Trump, or perhaps even Cruz, I could see the establishment going with Hillary. It is less about party and more about predictability and control.

I think he has lost it. I think between the drugs and possibly age he is no longer the man he was. I used to listen to him a long time ago and came back recently and it is night and day. Age gets to everyone. He was always over the top but was usually right. I think Hillary will win. I think she will have media support even from a jail cell. But I don't think the right will vote for her. I think the right will sit at home disgusted and not even vote. I am getting to that same point myself. I hate to see us lose our rights and freedom but then again you reap what you sow. It will be young people who will vote for millions of more laws to the point where the government will tell you when to sneeze.
I'm not surprised. The big money and the power brokers all look to Washington's political establishment to keep their lives easy, and their kids employed.

Chelsea Clinton @ $600K with no journalism experience at NBC was the perfect example of the establishment taking care of it's own.

So yes, they will do what it takes. My hook or most likely by crook. They got more crooks than hooks loitering around the voting apparatus.
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