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Lieutenant Colonel USASF (Ret.) BEATS CIA


Feb 4, 2006
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Lakeport CA
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"Cleared" - Dan Marvin returns home victorious

LTC Daniel Marvin’s new book, Expendable Elite – One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare, and his ongoing blog, The Unconventional Warrior, are about the good, bad and ugly of secret warfare, the first bombarding of enemy safe-havens inside Cambodia, major battles won by Hoa Hao Irregular Forces led by American and Vietnamese Green Berets, the importance of civic action and psychological warfare, involvement of US Special Forces in the plots to assassinate Cambodia’s Prince Sihanouk, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and US Navy LTCDR William B. Pitzer, retribution and revenge tactics employed by the CIA and the White House against its own, and the courage of Lieutenant General Quang Van Dang in his rescue of Marvin’s A-Team, their counterparts and 400 Hoa Hao warriors from a 1,000 man South Vietnamese regiment sent by the CIA to destroy Marvin’s SF camp. General W.C. Westmoreland's lack of courage, General H. K. Johnson's hatred of Special Forces and President L.B. Johnson's insistence on providing safe-havens to our enemy while micro-managing the war without regard to the wisdom of the field commanders led to our nation's betrayal and abandonment of the South Vietnamese People.


About the trial http://www.expendableelite.com/blog/index.php

More about Traitors in the USA government selling our boys out


Video An interview with Gen. Walt 1980 54 min
General, Lewis William Walt of the USMC, this interview took place in 1980

General Walt goes over the troubles faced during war and how some of the troubles were purposely caused by power that were suppose to be working for US. Topics of the empowerment of Communism are also touched on , which are upsetting to learn
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IN THE CASE listed above, CIA empowered people to kill USA TROOPS! OUR TROOPS, OUR PEOPLE! the people who were told they were fighting for YOU!

THE CIA, is the biggest drug runners in the world
THE CIA, brought NAZI's to America
THE CIA, created MKULTRA, click on Bush Sr picture on my site go to the bottom and learn about government sponcered CHILD RAPE
THE CIA, created the terrorists we fight today
THE CIA, is the child of the AAE...what is the AAE you ask, learn and save your nation.

THE CIA,,,, is ANTI AMERICAN,...they work for the powers Americas founding fathers warned us about.

the CIA...etc ...etc...etc.


Who created the terrorist movement that threatens America today? The Central Intelligence Agency recruited thousands of Arabs from Muslim countries during the 1980s, and sent them to Afghanistan where they were trained by our Special Forces units in military tactics, and the "methods of murder" needed to defeat the Soviet invaders. [27] The Muslims we trained, trained others, and when the Afghan war ended, many of them joined al Qaeda. [28] Why did the Holy Warriors embrace radical Islam? Because the CIA, the Pakistani Intelligence agency (ISI), and Saudi Arabia established Islamic schools and indoctrinated them in Wahhabism, the religion of Saudi Arabia. The Afghans and Afghan Arab warriors were taught they would go to heaven if they killed infidels and died fighting for Allah. The CIA printed thousands of copies of the Koran in Virginia and sent them to the Middle East where they were used to indoctrinate the Mujahideen. [29] The AAE created the CIA, and the CIA created the Islamic terrorists that threaten us today

YOU STUPID IDIOTS, YOUR FAMILIES BLOOD IS ON THE LINE and you don't want to deal with it! so....because of that...the toll will be taken from you...on this trend unless you change it
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