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Libyan Deputy PM Resigns Citing 'Policy Failure'.....


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Feb 26, 2012
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Well now.....how do you think this fits into play with any investigations going on in Benghazi? The New Head of Libyan Security Forces assassinated. They have had Lawyers, Judges, and Activists all killed. Most connected to investigating over the Death of Stevens and what took place last year on 911. Others that were appointed also resigning and walking away. Course the DP is aligned with some group connected to the Libyan MB. Which the MB is also having their asses handed to them in Libya. Even the people.....those Berbers, especially most of them. Want them out of there.

Libya's deputy prime minister has resigned citing failed government policies and the deterioration of security following a string of assassinations, according to officials and his Facebook page.

The prime minister's office said Sunday it had accepted the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Awad al-Barassi. It had no further comment.

Al-Barassi announced the resignation late Saturday on his official Facebook page, saying that a "fearful number of assassinations of honorable people" stemmed from what he said was government policy failure.

The deputy prime minister is a member of a party allied with Libya's Muslim Brotherhood group, while Prime Minister Ali Zidan is considered close to liberals. But al-Barassi's complaints did not appear to reflect ideological differences.

Al-Barassi accused the prime minister of monopolizing decision-making, even about trivial issues, hindering government efforts to discharge its "responsibilities for deteriorating security, especially in (the eastern city of) Benghazi."

Libyan deputy PM resigns citing 'policy failure'
So what do you think we should expect out of Libya? Think the FBI is going to make any head-way with Benghazi as Libya continues to break down?
Well keep this in mind with any discussions over Benghazi. ;)
If Libya is going down is thnx to the west and US.
FBI to Benghazi?? Why??

The West and US should put in mind that eastern countries cannot implement the democracy.
People cannot live with democracy, they do not want the democracy yet. It's so obvious.
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