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Liberty is a discovery that characters have no rights.

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I was educated all my life to believe anything is possible but understanding anything completely and absolutely as every reality is defined between the sides of theory or theology politically and spiritually.

But within the last decade my old haunts have found the keys to the old "self evident truths".

So I am coming to this forum to offer something not many or any will believe, but they are as solid as Isaac Newton's universal constants, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and simple compounding interest is the most powerful physical force in the universe living between past results so far and new details always added here, now.

My little origami shapes come from playing perpendicular exponential expansions working simultainiously with diagonal contractions that create 6 degrees of physical separation and 8 corners retruning back to the point of origin in each result so far that remains being part of this whole now moment on this planet.

I am tired of being misled, so instead of trying to take over leading anyone else I decided to find out what freedom is being free of for real without symbolism over substances and the governances to your spirit better mind the words because your gendered sole existence doesn't to those that believe they are a gift to humanity and no a result of human conception using lifetimes to maintain the life of this species between inception into the food chain and it's extinction of having lifetimes still occupying this ever changing total sum compounding moment.

The figure on the left is humanity's governance of the human species that was, is and will continue to remain lifetimes of ancestry in male and female results regardless the facts of theory and theolo0gy say no body can know themselves inside out better than educated outside in after birth from being conceived by absolute sole means each lifetime is exactly as they arrive by conception.

The figure on the right is Natural Balance and it's 14 point of self containment of each sole results added to eternity's results within this moment on this planet.

My avatar is a symbol of now. It is the the 3 prime perpendicular diagonal axises to time itself and the center holes is representative to each result that compounds each universal result here now working as a whole result of everything taken place functioning as always.

So all characters of reality please understand something, I am not against your body's liberty to believe anything it wishes were truth in reality, I am against you making laws that prevent me from understanding myself without having to adopt the fantasy of time management and social engineering a three ring circus act of NWO conspiring to keep every human in the dark about what now has always been here on Earth.

Back to my avatar as it deals with time management of misleading the whole human population educated to think in only political, religious, and economic systems of governments.

Think of those 6 points as outside limits of anything is possible and let me offer positions that never moved throughout history, faith, hope, beliefs that time changes everything.

Top point is aiming at Polaris. The bottom one is always looking at the Southern Cross. While mid night, dawn, noon, and dusk are related to the sun's position as all the planets revolve around like a hub of a wheel.

This is about coming into balance with how and why everything is as conceived and contrived by humans pushing their humanity's directives onto everyone else just wanting to figure out what is really going on now.

What happens to all realities in the four corners of creating humanity when people find out how to see all 8 corners of psychiatry, using psychology, playing intellect against instincts by training the intelligence to emotionally support symbolism over substance in trading how and why they are existing to who they can become ruling existence?

I am speaking as a sole result of ancestry that makes this human lifetime equally created and endowed with the same instincts every generation had, has and will have.


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Apr 24, 2010
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Wait are you using some paper shape as a direction for freedom?:roll:


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Jan 7, 2012
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I know you think your being deep, but im pretty sure i speak for most of your readers when i say "huh?"
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