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Liberals, Social Libertarians, and Moderates have Won the War for America (1 Viewer)


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Jun 23, 2005
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Ok first let me preface this post with the disclosing of my ideology. I am a social libertarian and a fiscal moderate. Basically I believe that your right to live your life the way you choose to live your life extends so far as to not impede another individuals right to do the same. I don’t agree with the drug war. I am a firm believer in the constitutional separation of church and state. I believe that there is a near absolute right to bear arms in the constitution. I believe that you have a constitutional right of privacy. I am against using the government to promote, endorse, or compel religious beliefs or cultural bias. I suppose one might think that I am a libertarian, but I do believe that public sector does have a role to play in society by having some form a safety net, building infrastructure, and in protecting the environment.

I and those who think like me have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the long-term direction of the country because our side is winning. We have been winning pretty much for last 100 years or so. Sure, every once in a while the religious right and the social conservatives win a small battle, but it never amounts to more than a small bump in the road. That’s why it must really suck to be a member of the religious right or to be a social conservative. You guys always lose. Every time, never fails, you cant even win when you got your man in the Whitehouse. When you think about, it must be why you are always so angry. No matter what you do, every generation is more socially liberal and tolerant than the last. More and more you are being marginalized in society. Hell anymore its about as bad to be called a fundamentalist as it is to be called a communist and even though the term “liberal” has been demonized over the years, it sure doesn’t scare people as much as “religious right” does. You guys on the social right are just a bunch of old holdouts from a past era. You are always longing for a return to a time that never actually existed. That is your problem in a nutshell and that’s why you consistently lose the cultural war. Whether you like it or not:

Few people ever will wait for marriage to have sex.

There will always be about 5% of the population that is either Gay or Lesbian.

No matter what you do, those Gays and Lesbians are either going to be able to get legally married one day, or enter into Civil Unions.

Intelligent Design will never for any length of time be seriously taught as an alternative theory to Evolution. Even one of Bush’s appointments to the bench struck it down (with a hammer I might add).

Within the next 20 years, marijuana will almost definitely be decriminalized.

You will never be able to use the government to promote, endorse, or compel your religious beliefs.

There will always be a progressive tax system in our country.

There will always be a Social Security program in our country.
There will always be a Medicare program in our country.

At some point, the uninsured will reach such a critical mass that one day there will probably be some type of universal healthcare in our country.

You will never even remotely accomplish rolling back the New Deal.

You will never even remotely accomplish rolling back federal environmental law.

You will never even remotely accomplish even rolling back the Great Society.

You know why you don’t win anything? It’s because of that pesky little document called the constitution. You guys whine about “The Liberal Media”, but that’s not why you always loose these battles. It’s because people don’t buy your ****. Even though Democrats have lost the Whitehouse and both Houses of Congress, the majority of Americans when polled agree with the majority of the Democratic positions on the issues. The reason why the Democrats are not winning has nothing to do with their positions on the issues and everything to do with their turning into a party of whinny little ******s. That’s why even though the Republicans are in power they still can’t get anything so far as their social agenda is concerned accomplished. You guys on the religious right, you make up like 20% of the country, but by God you sure do get out and vote for those guys. They haven’t done **** for you though. All those chartered busses taking members of your all white tax-exempt country clubs (Mega-Churches) to the polls and for what? Nothing. Even the judges they nominate side against you time and time and time again. Hell that Supreme Court in Massachusetts that legalized Same Sex Marriage in that state was mostly Republican. You will always loose because people want the government to stay out of their personal lives. The average Joe doesn’t like Big Government, but he will take Big Government over Big Brother any day. You guys demonize groups like the ACLU, but with even the conservative judiciary that we have in the United States, you still loose to the ACLU almost every time. Why, because the ACLU has that thing called the Constitution on its side usually. I mean you just don’t get it. There is a reason for the old saying “Vote Republican, its easier than thinking”.

It must really suck to be a member of the Religious Right or to be a Social Conservative.
As always, SouthernDemocrat, you shine. Excellent job.
I myself am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate with libertarian leanings on issues like gay marriage and legalized pot. I have to admit that when it comes down to social issues, the more liberalized view is winning, and in my opinion, that is a good thing. George Washington himself predicted that our society would become more socially liberal over the years and he hoped that America would be the leader in promoting that around the world. Just the same, George Washington also supported limited government. Now, I think that while many of the basic New Deal things like Social Security need more reform and choice, they should stay, (which is also a view Ronald Reagan held), most of the Great Society should be rolled back though. I think that on fiscal issues, people may lean in a more free marked direction if they get disdain of socialism, but as far as social issues are concerned, I totally agree, they will become more free and conservatives will never make gains. That is why social conservatism as a whole should just give up and realize it has been fighting a losing battle probably since the days of Ancient Greece. Fiscal conservatism on the other hand, has a strong future, depending on how things go.

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