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Liberal Mexicans bash Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Oct 2, 2005
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Well, liberal Mexicans are bashing our Republican governor of California once again. I received this letter in my email from newsmax.com:

"The legislature in a Mexican state has declared California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger a persona non grata for what it terms his "racist policies" regarding immigration.

The resolution to declare Schwarzenegger unwelcome in the state of Baja California Sur was officially approved by the state legislature on January 17.

"The Terminator forgets that he too is an immigrant who came to the United States, and now he is applying racist policies against immigrant workers, above all against Latinos, which is why we have declared him persona non grata in Baja California Sur," said Arturo Pena Valles, chairman of the legislature's Human Rights Committee.

Legislative action against Schwarzenegger was first proposed in 2003 while he was California's governor-elect. At the time, a Baja California Sur official said it was "reprehensible" for Schwarzenegger to "endorse and promote racist campaigns against immigrants, especially in California where 25 percent of the population is Latino and, of those, 75 percent are of Mexican origin."

Mexican officials took issue with Schwarzenegger's opposition to the issuance of California driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.

They were also unhappy with his support for the state's Proposition 187, which sought to deny unauthorized aliens most state-financed benefits, including public education. The proposition passed, but was later struck down in the courts.

In April 2005, Gov. Schwarzenegger told a group of newspaper publishers that the U.S. needs to "close the borders in California and all across Mexico and the United States." He later amended "close" to "secure."

The move to declare Schwarzenegger a persona non grata is "asinine," writes Barnard R. Thompson on the Web site Mexidata.info. He points out that Baja California Sur is a "remote strapped-for-money state that is dependent on tourism from the U.S.A., largely California, for its all-important visitor industry."

Schwarzenegger is the second American to be declared a persona non grata in Baja California Sur. The first was President Bush. The left-of-center governing party in the Mexican state issued a call for the prosecution of Bush for alleged war crimes stemming from the decision to invade Iraq.

I think the whole controversy is absurd. God knows we need to curb illegal and natural immigration in this country as it is, in my opinion.
Re: Liberal Mexicans & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Must Mexican Americans like Arnold.
He is not a real Conservative with dommie ideas. Actually he 's a bussiness man with many bussiness in Mexico and many mexican friends.

What do u think about Mexican conservatives?

They lost in The Cinco de Mayo battle... LOL :mrgreen:
Well, liberal Mexicans are bashing our Republican governor of California once again. I received this letter in my email from newsmax.com:

Wanna guess where I quit reading your post? :roll:
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