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Lew Repeats "There Is No Evidence" Linking IRS Targeting to Any Political Appointee


May 11, 2013
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Shocking: Jack Lew Repeats "There Is No Evidence" Linking IRS Targeting to Any Political Appointee, Like William Wilkins;
But Is Then Forced to Admit He's Never Asked


It's all worth watching, but if you only want to watch, start at 11:02.

Despite the fact that Jack Lew was supposedly appointed to conduct an investigation into the IRS targeting, he behaves as if he is a passive receiver of information, that is, that he actually doesn't have any duty to investigate.

Asked over and over if he's even asked about some of the things he denies, he simply says "There is no evidence" to indicate that, say, Wilkins was involved, but also refuses to even ask the man.

Why ask him? "There's no evidence" which has been brought to him about Wilkins. So if the media continues doing its job of not doing its job, then the story goes away.

Ace of Spades HQ

Jack Lew caught obfuscating IRS Scandal. Nah why would he do that?.
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