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Sep 16, 2009
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... for want of a better word.

I received this interesting comment on my own Youtube vid: CON-DEM COALITION, conning YOU with their social (policy) failures!

If you want to fight crime, you should make it NON PROFITABLE for the POLICE !

The worse crime gets, the more assured every policeman is, that his son can become a policeman, later on.

If crime actually fell, then not only would police pay drop, but their children would not be so assured of a job, in the future - CRIME PROFITS THE POLICE !

And yes they ARE concious of this fact, and yes most BIG crime is CONTROLLED by the police (i.e. they take a cut of it).

Wake up !

YouTube - AnnoyingTypoSyndrome's Channel

That's like saying that if Labour abolished poverty then that would be the end of them, so they'd best keep it going! (Though that's not to say the berks didn't cause enough with their policies, especially when the corpse of socialism started to stink by the 1970s.)

Makes a change from the accrid smoke of political correctness which fills these boards anyway.
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