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Let illegal immigrants run away, they've had a haaaaaaaaaard life!


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Sep 16, 2009
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...Well they will have when we're allowed to take these foreign criminals by the scruffs of their necks and catapult the swines back into the sea!

They could probably do with the wash anyway after all that time skulking in the back of pilchard vans to sneak in!

Immigration officers told 'don't chase suspects who run away' - Telegraph

Senior officials at the UK Border Agency (UKBA), which is charged with removing the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK, are re-examining the operating guidance issued to its officers.

A rule book which governs how raids are carried out also instructs officers not to "patronise" suspects, to give them "body space", to maintain eye contact with them, and to adopt a "relaxed" and "non-aggressive stance".

Despite the rules, which a Tory MP says are “ludicrous,” the UKBA still manages to find a fair number of illegal immigrants in Britain each week.

Can it get any madder? With Border Agency cuts on top of this kneecapping of the remnant border police and bribes to illegal scum not even here yet, we can only wonder at the mentality of honoury Leftard David Cameron.

Emptying the jails within and softening up on criminals without? No wonder the rancid little AIDS bacteria paid TRIBUTE to the utterly disgraced Labour Government during his 'doorstep' speech as Prime Minister!

He really IS the politically-correct 'heir to Blair'!!


YouTube - David Cameron is the UK's new prime minister - BBC News

BBC News - UK Border Agency cuts 'threaten Kent immigration work'

Britain pays Calais migrants £3,500 to go home - before they even get here | Mail Online
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