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Let Hillary Speak... Why Democrats want her to shut the **** up

Free speech is a wonderful thing.

You see, I encourage people to speak. I want people’s views to be known. Without Hillary speaking freely, we would not know what is going on in her mind, and my...

...she really has revealed a lot about her, and Democrats. That is tremendously valuable.

We learned she is embittered.
We learned she is full of excuses for her failings.
We learned she believes women should have voted for her because she possesses a vagina.
We learned she believes women, when they step into the voting booth cannot vote as they please.
We learned she still thinks she did nothing wrong with her server and emails.
We learned she believes Biden and Bernie are partially responsible for her loss.

And that’s just a tiny sampling.

I want her to speak freely, just as I want Kanye to speak freely, or you.

I have learned a lot about Liberals when they are permitted to speak and act freely when they think nobody is really watching. They dispose of their so called “values.

Just look at this Schneiderman asshole. He passed laws about strangulation, spoke at #metoo gatherings... yet, was a sick racist and beater of women. And we learned Liberal women tried to stop 2 of these women from coming forward... to protect this sick asshole’s “important” work. We learn a lot... through free speech.

If Hillary wants to speak, let her. I encourage her, because the more she reveals about herself and her party, the better for us all.

Why now, are Leftists so intent on shutting up Party Royalty? You folks made her and her criminal husband.

I understand why people here try to stop others from posting about Hillary. She is damaging to the Democrat Party. But... she is a perfect reflection of it. Bitter, intolerant, closed-minded, and blames others for her failings. That is why you want her to shut up. She is the model Democrat... that is why she rose to the top of your party.

She is really no different from Obama... except he had a better delivery, and was smart enough to know he needed a telepromteur to keep his bitterness in check.


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You have no proof (zero, zilch, nada) that Hillary possesses a vagina.
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