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Lenin in hell

German guy

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Jun 9, 2010
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Berlin, Germany
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Lenin has died and now is standing in front of heaven's gate. But the archangel denies him entrance: "You're one of the bad guys. That means down to hell for you." Lenin nods and and leaves for hell.

Three weeks later, God's phone rings.
- "Yes, God here."
- "Hey buddy, it's me, the devil. Look, I got a problem ... remember that Lenin guy you sent down here three weeks ago?"
- "Yes, devil, I remember ... what about him?"
- "He's really causing troubles down here. Hell is freezing, the coal shovelers are on a strike, everybody is revolting. Look, God, you really need to take Lenin up to you to heaven. Else, hell will collapse and everybody down here will go upwards and flood your place!"
- "Hm, I could never afford that. All these evil people from hell flooding up here to heaven ... no way. So ok, buddy, I take Lenin."
- "Thanks, that's all I wanted to hear, God. I'll send Lenin up. See you next time!"

So Lenin goes into heaven.

Three weeks later, hell is hot and running again. The devil is rubbing his hands. But what has happened to Lenin?, he thinks and decides to give God a call.

After a few seconds, God picks up the phone, he sounds annoyed.
- "Ya?"
- "Hey God, it's me, devil. Just wanted to ask how you're doing, and how this Lenin business is going."
God takes a deep breath. After a few seconds, he answers, still annoyed:
- "First, it's not 'God', it's 'comrade'. Second: I don't even exist. And third: You are interrupting our general union meeting, dammit!!!"

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