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Legislative Council Commends Efforts of Civil society and Charity Organizations


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Oct 17, 2012
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The Speaker of the Khartoum State Legislature, Sidiq Mohamed Ali Al Sheikh has commended the efforts exerted by the civil society and charity organizations in helping the poor families and in fighting against the harmful practices and the destructive ideologies, while at the same time preserving the lofty Islamic values that help maintain the cohesion of the Sudanese society.

The speaker has pointed out during his meeting with the founder of Al Amal Charity organization in the Middle East, Sheikh Sultan Abdullah Utaibi, in the presence of Husaham Al Raida, the deputy chair of the Arab Association for the Charity work.

He said the state has established a number of centers to control and treat addiction while at the same time laws have been enacted to help reduce the spread of the practice in the Sudanese society.

He said the health of the average Sudanese comes at the top of the priorities of the coming phase for his government, stressing the legislature would work hand in hand with the civil society organization to maintain the social cohesion and the Islamic values that help prevent dealing and use of drugs.

Sheikh Utaibi has stressed that the organization work in several domains to help the community with several branches in some Arab countries with the view to control addition and to help youth move towards production and make use of the youth energy in works that are beneficial to the society.

He said his organization has obtained the ISO in the charity work domain, thanks to scientific studies it carries out and which have produced success among the beneficiaries in many an Arab country.

He said these studies focused on the social and psychological situation of addicts, studies in the domain of illiteracy eradication and support for the poor families.
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